Bracelets are often an overlooked piece of jewelry, but they shouldn’t be—nor are they solely designed for women to enjoy. Men, as well as women, have been accessorizing with bracelets for centuries. Today we may not wear bracelets made of bones to necessarily ward of evil spirits like ages ago, but the timeless beauty of a purposeful bracelet will always be in style.

Before buying a bracelet, you will want to know what size you need for your wrist. It’s annoying to have a bracelet sliding up and down your arm throughout the day, or worse, falling completely off. We can size your wrist to ensure you select the perfect choice for you. Another consideration is the material. Do you want a metal bracelet, one with diamonds or gemstones, or something beaded or more personalized?

Women's Designer Jewelry Bracelets in Salt Lake City Utah

Women's Bracelet's in Salt Lake City

Not all bracelets can be worn for every occasion, but the right bracelet for the right occasion can make your entire outfit. Our expert designers can advise you on which styles go best for certain circumstances, so don’t be afraid to ask. We know bracelets can be one of the trickier accessory pieces, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t opt for one. You can choose a casual bracelet for daily wear, a sophisticated bracelet to go with your business casual dress code, or an elegant bracelet for a special occasion. At Timeless Design and Jewelry, we take accessorizing seriously and are passionate about jewelry. We can help you make the best decision on a bracelet for you or a loved one.


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