Jewelry Cleaning & Repair

Timeless Design and Jewelry is your local high-end, budget-friendly jeweler for all your accessorizing desires. Additionally, when it comes to cleaning and repair, our expert staff is ready to assist, even if the piece wasn’t purchased from us. Jewelry should last a lifetime, with many sentimental pieces being passed on to our posterity. This means taking good care of your quality pieces is a must. Maintenance and cleaning are important to prevent damage to your beautiful pieces. We recommend cleaning your jewelry each month by soaking it in mild soap and water for about ten minutes, with some pieces, like your daily earrings or wedding band, cleaned even more often. But you should also bring your special pieces to a professional about every six months to truly maintain the brilliance and longevity of your jewelry. Keeping up on this bi-annual maintenance will allow us to see if anything needs to be fixed before anything regrettable happens.

Thoroughly inspecting your jewelry is a priority when we clean a piece. You should love your jewelry forever, and we want to ensure it lasts just that long. It may seem like an easy process that you can maintain on your own but trusting a professional with this task is crucial to the life of the piece. We use ultrasonic cleaners that contain chemicals and high frequency sound waves to create bubbles which attach to the dirt on a diamond or metal. These bubbles then pull off the dirt and bring it up to the surface of the water, creating a flawlessly clean ring without any damage or deterioration.

Jewelry on your hands or in your ears naturally get dirtier faster. Many of us apply makeup or sunscreen with our rings on, or perhaps you even prep in the kitchen and do dishes with your ring on. All of this adds wear on your ring and requires professional attention at least twice a year. Pieces worn more infrequently, such as the beautiful pendant necklace you wear only on date nights, will be okay to be cleaned less often. If you stay up on your cleaning, you and your professional jeweler will notice any defects or damage to your piece quickly, allowing for a quick and simple repair.
Jewelry Cleaning and Repair in Salt Lake City from Timeless Design and Jewelry
Gold Ring Repair in Salt Lake City by Timeless Design and Jewelry
Vintage Ring Repair in Salt Lake City by Timeless Design and Jewelry
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If you notice anything in your jewelry that may look like a damage or defect, bring it in right away. Our experts can handle it quickly, providing you with peace of mind that your sentimental piece will last forever and maintain its beauty. Even if you have a sentimental piece that is very old and may appear too damaged, don’t throw it out. We can restore many pieces that look too far gone to fix. You only want to trust in a professional that is knowledgeable of the many different stones, metals, cuts, styles, and more, which is what we offer here at Timeless. Our passion for stunning jewelry is seen in everything we do. From initial design to lifetime maintenance, trust in us for all your jewelry needs.


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