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Ready to pop the question? Springtime is a great time to do it—love is all around us! Propose in style with one of our unique and stunning engagement rings. Timeless Design and Jewelry is one of the Salt Lake area’s premier jewelers. We specialize in exceptional customer service, dazzling jewelry pieces, and unique styles meant to last a lifetime. We have many beautiful rings in our store for you to browse, but if you’re looking for something even more personal, we offer customization for whatever your heart desires. Our expert team is always eager to assist in finding or creating the engagement ring that matches your commitment and love in your relationship.

Custom Wedding and Engagement Ring Design Salt Lake City, Utah

Custom Wedding Rings in Salt Lake City, Utah

Before shopping for or designing a ring, you’ll want to have your budget in mind. We have a wonderful selection for all price points, and it will be more enjoyable for you if you know beforehand how much you’re wanting to spend. You will also want to decide if this is a surprise or if you and your partner would like to look for rings together. If you have a particular vision for your ring, we can certainly make that a reality for you. If you’re unsure but you know you want something custom and unique, our designers specialize in working with customers to get the right style that reflects your connection and bond. Feel free to give us a few ideas and guidance and we can come up with different options to choose from, or you can choose to be a part of the entire process, including design. We welcome photos and sketches of ring options, too, so don’t be afraid to speak up or ask any questions. 
Wedding and Engagement Rings Salt Lake City, Utah

Some things to consider for your engagement ring include what metal of band you like, such as 14k yellow or white gold or platinum; the cut of the stone, such as princess or oval; and what type of stone speaks to you, such as a diamond or a colored gemstone. Many people have chosen to opt for a different stone than the traditional diamond, such as a vintage emerald or a natural turquoise. Whether you stick with tradition or venture out, you can’t go wrong with any option we offer. Our gemstones are a perfect, unique alternative, and our diamonds are of the highest quality and beauty. Trust in us to help you get the exact style for your loved one with our master jewelers making the process as flawless as possible.

If you’re unsure where to start, that’s normal and totally okay. This is a big step in your life, and we want to help you start off this journey with an exquisite token that truly speaks to your relationship. We want your loved one to wear their ring with pride every single day. Take the time to really get what you want, knowing this ring will be a daily reminder of your commitment to each other. Visit Timeless Design and Jewelry in Salt Lake City to start your happily-ever-after story.

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