Custom Jewelry

The Salt Lake valley has a huge variety of jewelry stores—you probably even know some of the commercials by heart! With all these options, where do you start, and how do you know who to trust? At Timeless Design and Jewelry, we are ready to show you why you should put your trust in us when purchasing jewelry for any occasion. Our master jeweler, Brent, is meticulous in every way, yet also approachable and communicative. He and our staff have extensive experience in jewelry design and repair. We are also diamond and gemstone specialists, and all our repairs happen on-site by our highly trained staff. Custom jewelry is second nature at Timeless, and we guarantee you will love whatever piece you leave our store with.

Custom Ring Making in Salt Lake City from Timeless Design and Jewelry
Custom Rings from Timeless Design and Jewelry in Salt Lake City, Utah
We opened our doors in November 2020, but our experience and commitment to the industry goes way back. Supporting local business is another wonderful reason to choose Timeless Design and Jewelry. We’re local to the area, just like you, so our investment in our community and clients means more to us than it does at a big box jeweler. Make no mistake, our smaller store front and staff size does not mean smaller selection or a lesser quality. It’s quite the opposite here. We do everything we can to make our customers happy, providing the highest quality stones, metals, and design options all at an honest price. We also offer unique jewelry classes. You know we really love everything jewelry and our local community if we’re offering classes to the public. It’s our passion—let us share our passion with you.

Jewelry should not be a random or thoughtless style choice. Carefully selected pieces are what pulls an entire outfit together. Jewelry has been worn since the beginning of time, making bold statements, enhancing our looks, and making us feel confident. The right piece can look classic with everyday outfits or can top off your look for a night out. For special occasions, a sentimental piece will serve as a loving reminder of that important moment and will be cherished throughout a person’s life, with many pieces being handed down generation after generation. Not only is this rewarding on a deeply personal level, but high-quality jewelry is also a monetary investment. Nice jewelry never loses its value. Which means it’s also a good investment to repair any jewelry that is important to you, another service we are well versed in.

Whether you want a necklace for your mother on Mother’s Day, an engagement ring for your next exciting adventure, or a unique bracelet to celebrate your hard-working graduate, we have what you’re looking for. Customizing a piece can sound intimidating, but the process is enjoyable with us. Allow our expert staff to guide you through every step. We’re available and accommodating every step of the way. We offer engraving as well to make your jewelry piece is even more personal and special. Make every moment count by adding the gift of sparkle to a holiday or event.


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