Jewelry Trends for Fall Time

Jewelry Trends for Fall Time

Many of us are still working at home, but that doesn’t mean we need to sit in PJs and feel slouchy all day every day. We’ve probably all been on a Zoom meeting call with business on top and snooze-town on bottom, but no one has to know. Dressing up your tee-shirt or blouse is easy with a shiny pendant or a monogram/initial necklace. Adding a gorgeous, purposeful piece of jewelry to any outfit will pull everything together with style.

For the Minimalist

Dainty jewelry is always a great option with sleek, sophisticated minimalism at the core. Mini hoop earrings are timeless whether you love yellow gold or platinum. Layering small, simple rings on your fingers is a great statement while still staying minimalistic. Speaking of layering, try this with modest necklaces and bracelets as well. Avoid layering all these things together at the same time, however, if you want to stay with a minimalistic vibe. For earrings, bars are classic, but there are many options right now for a more on-trend look. A small, thin bar stud is stunning worn vertically on the lobe, or opt for an ear climber for a beautiful, updated variation on the typical bar.

For the Maximalist

For the boldness in you, this fall is your time. Chokers are making a comeback but instead of opting for a tiny, delicate choker, go for a thick and bold style. Colorful variations are in for these, but a luxe gold will always look incredible, too. Long-chain, bulky necklaces are also trending, especially ones with a bold pendant at the bottom. Chandelier earrings are expected to be huge this fall and through the winter, especially for those holiday parties. Go for sparkly or fringe and you’ll have an amazing statement piece for any event.

A Little of Both

What if you like a little of both styles? Even better! Having a little of everything in the jewelry department will never steer you wrong. Textured metals are trending—go for large, crushed metal earrings for a true statement or a more subtle version with small or medium hoops that look like crumpled gold for an update to the classic look. Another option when it comes to earrings is to put in a single earring. This fall, it’s a purposeful chic trend, so you won’t look like you forgot the other side if you choose a long, statement earring. Likewise, mixing and matching earrings is also catching on quickly. Pearls and diamonds are the hot ones to combine, but be creative with what you like.

With any trend, the most important thing is to pick a style that suits your personality and your lifestyle. Wearing something that makes you uncomfortable will never be in fashion, even if you saw the piece on the mannequin in your favorite store. Jewelry should speak to you and make you happy every time you look at it. At Timeless Design and Jewelry, we want our customers to leave our store loving their piece through the entire trend craze and beyond.


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