When is the best time to get married?

When is the best time to get married?

Utah is an incredible wedding destination for both residents and couples bringing guests from all over the United States. Whether you were born and raised in Utah or are a transplant, Salt Lake City offers an abundance of wedding venues with a variety of settings and price points. The red rocks of southeastern Utah receive a lot of attention, but the landscape encircling Salt Lake City in northern Utah is completely different – you'll be surrounded by gardens, greenery, and tall pine trees!

The most popular day of the week for a wedding to take place on is Saturdays, according to the Wedding Spot Blog. The popularity of Saturday weddings can be attributed to a few factors. First, couples can usually only get married on Saturdays without having to take time off of work. Second, people frequently see Saturdays as being more festive than weekdays, which might enhance the wedding experience. People are increasingly opting for weekday weddings nowadays. They are less expensive than Saturday and Sunday weddings, and the venues that couples like are more readily accessible. 

Find the Season That's Right For Your Wedding


While May is one of the most popular months for weddings, spring is the best time to schedule your wedding if you want to avoid paying a premium. The transition from winter to spring allows for newly blooming flora and pleasant weather. The mild weather that spring brings provides a sense of renewal, which is ideal for a wedding day.


Although this season is popular for a reason — the weather is pleasant and more flowers and fruits are in season — because fewer distributors and venues will be available, prices will increase substantially. Guests will be more likely to take time away from their lives to attend your wedding, despite the possibility that their vacation plans or other weddings will conflict with yours.


As the popularity of autumn wedding dates has increased, the season has become the most expensive of the year. This time of year also includes conflicts, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving, and because fewer flowers are in season, you may need to reconsider your ideal floral arrangements. Nonetheless, this season brings cooler temperatures, a cozy aesthetic, and the changing of the leaves, ensuring a beautiful landscape and satisfied visitors. September is the ideal month if you're concerned about temperatures being too frigid, as it provides a fall-like atmosphere without the low temperatures.


January is the least popular month of the year to have a wedding; therefore, there are more suppliers available and costs are easier to negotiate because fewer couples get married during this time of year. The comfortable ambience at this time of year can include snowy vistas and roaring flames. Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year's Day all fall around this time of year, making travel more challenging and expensive for your guests.

Ultimately, the best time to get married is the month and day that works best for you and your partner. Consider your budget, your desired Utah location, and the weather when making your decision. Wherever you decide to have your wedding and whatever season you hold it in, one thing is for sure - Timeless Design and Jewelry is a great option for women's wedding rings and men's wedding bands.


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